Thursday, January 3, 2013

About me and some thoughts on society

Hi, My name is Kimberly Fowler. I am 35 years old and a mother of two toddlers which are so close in age you can basically call them twins. I reside in San Diego,CA with my two children and ex-husband. I have worked for a wide range of job fields throughout my life. I have a great deal of experience in the entertainment industry, real-estate, mortgaging, accounting, administration, and other popular job fields. I also am an artist which I would love to do full-time but because of other obligations I'm afraid it isn't practical to do so at this time. I have two passions. One for the arts industry, and the other for social services and helping others. I am very fond of nature, animals, and children. Right now I am a Senior working on my fourth year here at Ashford University so my short-term educational goals are of course to finish out my curriculum and graduate this coming summer or fall.

As far as my professional goals are concerned I plan on utilizing my time wisely to finding a decent paying job to support myself and two children. Right now I am currently looking for a new job being that I was working for a contract job back in April of last year and it was for a very short duration. I would very much like to find something stable and permanent. Once I am situated I plan to utilize my degree to pursuing both of my dreams which are helping others wether that be children, animals, or nature; and of course eventually working in the arts industry. The reason why I want to go further with art is because my creativity skills are very high. I also want to help others in ways others are not experienced or gifted to do so. I think both goals would be truly a great experience for and alow the opportunity for expression which would work very well with me.

When it comes to a child's socialization where,how, and with whom they grow up with has a huge impact on how they react to social situations such as interacting with people. There are kids that grow up in homes that are very dysfunctional and as teenagers have issues making friends, or striking conversations with their peers. Some even have problems with shyness being that they grew up being told they were not worth anything. Then there is the society children have to grow up in which has its pros and cons which can help children and hinder them at the same time while growing up. Children are human beings and as humans we crave acceptance and love. We reach out to others that we feel can give us these qualities such as our family, teachers, and friends. Children especially count on these people to give them that support, love, care, and when they don't get from the avenues which they seek it other avenues come available such behaivoral and mental problems that can affect a child all the way up into adulthood. The problem with our society is that most of the time if a child exhibits these mental behaivors or issues, we throw them away. We don't want to even want to be bothered with it. We don't even want to help try to correct the situation first. All society wants to do is just forget that the problem exists and this is what is corroding the foundation of society and families.

Socialization is the manners and methods in which a society conducts itself. It is the collective of individual idealisms into a group consciousness. It is the melting pot of singular beings into one cohesive way of being.

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