Friday, November 23, 2012

Blog Question 2 - Why do you Blog?

When you make a decision for your blog, is it because you might gain something, or so your readers gain something?

I consider myself to be someone who loves to help not only myself, but people in any way that I can. If I have a gift especially with words I feel that this is the best way to share it with them. In no way do I gain any kind of profitable gain from my blogs or my decision to blog. Writing is a fun and imamginative thing to do and it is definately one of my hobbies. I appreciate everyone including the public who view my blog post's and appreciate all your feedback and even constructive critisicim. It helps me to learn not only about myself but about my viewers on a personal level. I would love your thoughts and would feel so happy to hear that one of my posts has helped one of my readers gain some valuable insight, or wisdom on my behalf. I always tell people that I am one of the most genuinue people you will ever get to read the writing of or even know if you happen to know me as a friend, colleague, or business partner.

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