Friday, November 23, 2012

Question 1-Blogger

When opportunities come around, how do you react? Have you missed any, and if so – why?

I love oppurtunities. When they come around I feel very blessed either way wether or not I get to have the oppurtunity or I miss it. My heart starts beating and my face feels warmer than average temperture because I start to feel an inner exictement. My physical excitement is more of a smile, and a gleam in my eyes. Lets just say my eyes smile. The one problem though is if I miss something my heart desires my soul cries out towards it eventually again looking for a second oppurtunity. It can be very difficult to grab every oppurtunity that comes around and most people should take it while it comes however with the kind our society we have now not everyone has the time, dedication, or even the willpower to make it happen or perhaps there are obstacles that get in the way which ceases you from being able to take the oppurtunity as it comes along.

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