Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hi Nicole,

I really enjoyed reading your post!

I have to say that you are extremely blessed to have a supportive family in this life. I tell many people that try to realize what you have now in the present moment because it helps you obtain your goals in the future. I also admire your family for being a great role model for you and being that ultimate support with the decisions that you made in your life so far. Its a great feeling to have that support no matter what you choose to do, who you choose to be, what you do not choose to be, who you end up with. With some experience I have heard over and over again about parents have got very upset with thier children for the decisions they have made for their own lives and a few even disowned thier own children for certain choices that they have made. I think this causes problems with many families, and could cause them to end up dsyfunctional if they don't end up with an agreement with proper communication.

I think your great experience with your family support and home life can be utilized in a group home by helping other people that have grew up in a dysfuntional environment. You can help them by developing good habits in order to cease repeating negative patterns that they may have grew up with. I really think you can do this! It will be great. Good luck with everything Nicole.
Kimberly Fowler -

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