Friday, November 23, 2012

Blog Question 2 - Why do you Blog?

When you make a decision for your blog, is it because you might gain something, or so your readers gain something?

I consider myself to be someone who loves to help not only myself, but people in any way that I can. If I have a gift especially with words I feel that this is the best way to share it with them. In no way do I gain any kind of profitable gain from my blogs or my decision to blog. Writing is a fun and imamginative thing to do and it is definately one of my hobbies. I appreciate everyone including the public who view my blog post's and appreciate all your feedback and even constructive critisicim. It helps me to learn not only about myself but about my viewers on a personal level. I would love your thoughts and would feel so happy to hear that one of my posts has helped one of my readers gain some valuable insight, or wisdom on my behalf. I always tell people that I am one of the most genuinue people you will ever get to read the writing of or even know if you happen to know me as a friend, colleague, or business partner.

Surprise Audio Coming Soon

Hi guys,

I am working on some audio blogs that were questioned to me. I will hopefully have a few of them posted soon. I hope you enjoy. Thanks in advance for reading and listening with me. Writing is fun!

Question 1-Blogger

When opportunities come around, how do you react? Have you missed any, and if so – why?

I love oppurtunities. When they come around I feel very blessed either way wether or not I get to have the oppurtunity or I miss it. My heart starts beating and my face feels warmer than average temperture because I start to feel an inner exictement. My physical excitement is more of a smile, and a gleam in my eyes. Lets just say my eyes smile. The one problem though is if I miss something my heart desires my soul cries out towards it eventually again looking for a second oppurtunity. It can be very difficult to grab every oppurtunity that comes around and most people should take it while it comes however with the kind our society we have now not everyone has the time, dedication, or even the willpower to make it happen or perhaps there are obstacles that get in the way which ceases you from being able to take the oppurtunity as it comes along.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My thoughts about the election.

First of all I am happy the election is over. HaHa. Economic conditions seem to be getting better for some. But candidates have the education to rule our country however I did not feel Mitt Romney was mentally, spirtually, and emotionally strong enough to take on this position. I was also afraid that Romney would use his religious beliefs as a basis for our country and many people with the freedom that we have now would not be able to handle this type of change. Although there has been many rumours about both candidates my heart still felt that OBAMA had the spiritual qualities, and the belief that this country will get back on its feet with hard work.

Just be you and enjoy how you live because no onelse matters but what's inside of you. Not ur momma, ur kids, ur dog, ur cat. No one but you.


There is no Excuse

Hi Larry,

I enjoyed really your post. I really admire you. My mother had sort of in a similiar situation. She had a similiar experience such as you where she had a brain bleed but and it caused some partial damage to her cognition. She loved attending classes to help her with different strategies to deal with her disorder. I read this post to my mother. She has been deciding wether to go back to school because she doesn't work at the present time. She either want's to work part-time but her true goal is to go back to school to pursue Psychology. When I read your post I know anything is possible if you apply yourself. I always felt that if you sit down and do nothing and feel sorry for yourself your health even gets worse because you have too much on your mind. I believe our bodies are made to move and not to sit for long periods of time. We never are too old to learn and pursue a life long dream. It is not easy to get up because sometimes I hear from people that they find themselves in a rut and it becomes difficult for them to get themselves motivated. By learning from people like yourself, there is no such thing as you can't. I feel Sociology is a wonderful degree to have especially if you enjoy people. You can also help people yourself and tell people either by volunteering your services not to give up, and don't say I can't. I wish you all the best.
Kimberly Fowler

Hi Nicole,

I really enjoyed reading your post!

I have to say that you are extremely blessed to have a supportive family in this life. I tell many people that try to realize what you have now in the present moment because it helps you obtain your goals in the future. I also admire your family for being a great role model for you and being that ultimate support with the decisions that you made in your life so far. Its a great feeling to have that support no matter what you choose to do, who you choose to be, what you do not choose to be, who you end up with. With some experience I have heard over and over again about parents have got very upset with thier children for the decisions they have made for their own lives and a few even disowned thier own children for certain choices that they have made. I think this causes problems with many families, and could cause them to end up dsyfunctional if they don't end up with an agreement with proper communication.

I think your great experience with your family support and home life can be utilized in a group home by helping other people that have grew up in a dysfuntional environment. You can help them by developing good habits in order to cease repeating negative patterns that they may have grew up with. I really think you can do this! It will be great. Good luck with everything Nicole.
Kimberly Fowler -